The „Weinbeisserei“ (originally from the Austrian saying to better ´bite the wine´instead of just swallowing it)

Wine with ´bite´ – Food with wine

Always ask for the most suiting wine for each meal!

We also offer vouchers.

Culinary in teamwork:

Matthias and Hermann, the Hager brothers, have created a culinary paradise for you, called the “Weinbeisserei”. As carefully Matthias works in the vineyards and the cellar, as fanatically Hermann acts as a cook and gourmet.

Having been apprentice of well known Liesl Bacher-Wagner he took years of travelling and cooking between Krems and Puerto Rico . Having still his roots in the family´s vineyards he has been always aware and curious about local and international wines and remembering them when coking corresponding meals. On his world wide trips he not only collected recipies but fine wines, too.
The balance between ´plate and cellar´will always be a focus at the “Weinbeisserei”.

The Architecture
Under a modern cube, designed by the Viennese architects ALBERTONI, there is a vinothek in the old family´s cellar, which was built in 1888. Additionally there is Hermann´s precious wines collection stored.
The old walls of the vault and its entrance have been restored as well as the whole cellar. Now it is used as a storage place and for events. In the entreé old and new mingle under a glass roof.
The above restaurant and bar with adjacent kitchen and office expresses itself in clear geometry and provides a wonderful view over the vineyards down into the Kamp valley.
Outside a large patio protected by a pergola, which provides shade and defines the space outside. Consisting of two parts the pergola gives the impression of a bird´s wings ready to take off from the hilltop.
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As a personal service your hosts are prepared to take you to your booked accomodation in the nearby area after your dinner.

For accomodation you can choose one of the village´s reliable and reasonably priced guest houses.

Tradition – Region – Passion, The Gourmet Philosophy of the “Weinbeisserei”

Traditionally people had to adapt their diet according to the season´s offers. So this is considered by Hermann when composing his menu.The regions of the Kamptal and the Waldviertel are mainly providing the fresh components for Hermann´s creations:

.) cheese from sheep, goats and buffaloes
) meat (beef, pork, lamb, ostrich) directly from the farmers,
) wheat, oil and spices from the Waldviertel
) herbs from his own garden.

Additionally some exotic spices are used when they go well with the spicy Green Veltliner Wine.
All that topped by the view over the gentle hills and valley!


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